Selamat Hari Lahir HIJRIAHOME!

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#Throwback kepada pembukaan outlet pertama @hijriahome 4 tahun lepas di Bandar Sri Permaisuri. 
Tingkat 2 masa ni naik tangga tinggi.


Outlet kami masa tu bekas gym, so dah siap flooring and penuh cermin keliling (so everyone can check ourselves out).
Our office was a small one at the back, ada bilik sauna yang tak boleh guna. Locker area kitorang convert bukak pintu dia jadi rak letak stock. 


Got shower rooms, longkang kecil for pengairan and tile dinding shower, we just made do. 
With optimum renovation cost as possible .


I was still working full time at that time, managing part-time with my small team. From a 3-5 team members, to now.
It was a close customer-friend relationship, and things were a lot simpler at that time.
But we didn’t look back, we just keep going.


Happy 4th anniversary HIJRIAHOME ❤.


Thank you #hijriahomelovelies for your support during our four-year journey ❤. 
We're so grateful for every responses and interaction with you- thanks for letting us love what we do!.

PS: You are invited to celebrate with us in-store TOMORROW! Please come by to our #HijriahomeBangi to celebrate our 4 years together, this Saturday, 5th May 2018. 
It means the world to us ❤.

Huda Karim
Hijriahome Founder

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